The Utah Jazz appear determined to offload Donovan Mitchell before the new season starts. The team seems committed to a full rebuild, and it feels like it’s only a matter of time before Mitchell is finally sent packing.

The New York Knicks have long been rumored to be the frontrunner to land the All-Star shooting guard. So much so, that recent reports state that the Knicks and the Jazz have re-engaged in their negotiations for Mitchell. At this point, however, it sounds like the Knicks aren’t the only team that’s shown serious interest in the 25-year-old.

Jazz sports radio host Spence Checketts recently revealed that based on what he’s heard from his sources, he is now “close to a hundred percent” confident that Mitchell is going to be traded before the start of the 2022-23 season. The Jazz insider also reports, however, that this is anything but a one-horse race for the Knicks:

“I was told by a source that the Jazz actually have a couple of offers, that I was told are from other teams outside of NY that they like an awful lot,” Checketts said.

Not only do the Knicks have stiff competition for Mitchell, but it also seems like the Jazz are amenable to the offers from these other teams. Then again, the fact that they haven’t accepted anything means that the race is far from over.

The Utah Jazz expect to receive a major haul for Donovan Mitchell, and you have to say that Danny Ainge and his front office have been quite masterful in how they’ve approached trade negotiations.