Grayson Allen certainly brought his reputation with him from the college game to the NBA. And we're only in the Las Vegas Summer League.

But Allen, the first round draft pick of the Utah Jazz, is now 2-for-2 with getting into skirmishes in his first two summer league games.

Today it was Wade Baldwin IV of the Portland Trail Blazers on the receiving end. Although to be fair, the chippiness resulted in the ejection of Baldwin IV while Allen remained in the game.

Here is the sequence that caused it:

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It doesn't look like too much there but no need to take any chances in summer league. Baldwin IV is the offender in this play so that's why he got the boot. Allen's reputation, first established at Duke, makes it hard to believe he was completely innocent in inciting this act.

Allen will likely be one of the most hated players in the NBA already, a common thing for Duke players. That may not be fair but Allen hasn't always helped his cause as he handed out a series of dirty plays during his college playing days.