Jennifer Lopez, the multi-talented singer and actress, opened up about her 15-year-old twins, Max and Emme, and their experience growing up with famous parents. During a roundtable discussion to promote her new Netflix film, “The Mother,” Lopez expressed empathy for her children, whom she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Lopez plays an assassin in The Mother, a film in which her character emerges from hiding to protect the child she had left behind. When asked if there was anything she wished she could shield her own children from, Lopez responded with a heartfelt “Everything.”

Being the child of famous parents is a unique experience that not many can comprehend, according to Lopez. She sympathizes with her kids because they did not choose the spotlight that comes with their parents' fame. Recently, Max and Emme have shared with Lopez that they feel judged and misunderstood when they enter a room, as people tend to focus on their parents' celebrity status rather than seeing them for who they truly are.

Lopez acknowledges that her children are often subjected to the judgments of strangers. While she recognizes that this may not be a relatable issue for most people, she understands the difficulty they face in having a constant spotlight on them. The pressure to live up to expectations and the awareness of being constantly watched can be challenging for their growth and self-expression.

As a mother, Lopez admits feeling guilt about the impact her fame has had on her children's lives. She acknowledges the lens through which they are viewed and the potential consequences they must navigate. Lopez understands that the weight of judgment from unknown individuals can be particularly burdensome.

With The Mother now streaming on Netflix, Jennifer Lopez's candid reflections on her twins' experiences provide a glimpse into the challenges faced by children of celebrities and the empathy she holds for her own kids as they navigate their unique upbringing.