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Jerry West ‘would love to be asked back’ into a role with Lakers, but they don’t think they need him

Jerry West

Hall of Famer Jerry West would more than consider a job offer from the Los Angeles Lakers, team which he ran for 18 years as the general manager and where his son Ryan West works now.

After helping bring five championships to the City of Angels, West brought his insight to the Memphis Grizzlies and then went onto a consultant role with the Golden State Warriors, which has helped mold the culture into what it is today.

According to Mark Heisler of The Orange County Register, the Lakers aren’t remotely considering giving “The Logo” a call these days.

“These days the Lakers don’t even do no-brainers, like inviting Jerry West back in a consultant’s role like the one he has with the Warriors. A Lakers insider told me it’s not happening… even though the Lakers are aware West would love to be asked back.

The reason cited isn’t much different than what Jim Buss felt: They don’t think they need West.”

While West has an impeccable reputation as a player and ambassador of the game; personally he is a blunt, no B.S. type of guy who will say what he thinks no matter who is listening. The perfect quality for an executive in a consultant position, but not an endeared one if surrounded by a lot of egos.

Golden State’s culture had to start from scratch and it took a young and fairly inexperienced Bob Myers, who was transitioning from being a successful player-agent to a general manager, to take a seat, listen and be receptive to ideas in order to bring change to the organization.

Despite West being an asset as an experienced basketball mind, there aren’t many Lakers front office personnel who are willing to constantly hear his thoughts in rebuilding the franchise.

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