New York Jets CEO Christopher Johnson made a joke referencing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones when asked about his role in determining the team's starting quarterback. Jones is considered to be the most hands-on and controlling owner in the NFL. He is the self-proclaimed general manager of the team as well.

Johnson let the media know that he takes a different approach in the way he runs his team. He talked to reporters on Wednesday, telling them that his coaching staff made the decision to start rookie quarterback Sam Darnold in Week 1.

From Bob Glauber of Newsday:

“I took no role in that whatsoever. That’s not my strong suit. I’m not yet Jerry Jones,” said Johnson.

Johnson's trust in his coaching staff paid off. Darnold and the Jets trounced the Detroit Lions 48-17 in their season opener. The team has struggled with quarterback problems for years. They have run through Brett Favre, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown over the last ten seasons. The Jets hope that Darnold can be the quarterback that helps guide their team's direction for years to come.

Johnson is a recent addition to the Jets' front office. He joined as an executive in 2017. His older brother Robert “Woody” Johnson bought the team back in 2000. Making the Jets a family business might have a huge impact on the team's success. If their decision makers can continue to make moves like the one that moved them up in the draft to get Darnold, better days are just around the corner.