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Jets safety Jamal Adams has hilarious reaction to Tom Brady’s cryptic tweet

While some people were eating dinner on Thursday night, Tom Brady posted a vague photo of himself that went viral on Twitter. Among the responses, Jamal Adams of the New York Jets had a hilarious reaction to Brady’s cryptic tweet.

It’s still unclear what Brady is trying to convey with the black and white photo of himself walking out of a tunnel. However, Adams is hoping it is a sign that the longtime quarterback of the New England Patriots is leaving the AFC East.

For nearly two decades, the Patriots have been utterly dominant within the AFC East. Since 2001 (when Brady became the starter), New England has won the division in 17 of the 19 seasons.

This season alone, the Patriots obliterated Adams’ Jets in the two games that they played against each other. As a matter of fact, New England outscored New York 63-14. Provided that, the Jets are tired of having to deal with the Patriots each and every season.

In the event that Brady leaves New England in free agency, teams in the AFC East are going to celebrate. The Jets, with a young nucleus, believe they can become the next team to win the division.

On the contrary, as long as Bill Belichick remains with the Patriots, it’s naive to believe that they’ll suddenly become a team that’s easy to beat. Until Brady makes his official decision, people are going to come up with hypothetical situations of where he’ll play. Even though Adams was joking with his reaction, sometimes the truth is said in jest.