Mecole Hardman's stint with the New York Jets didn't go as planned, and after he got traded to the Kansas City Chiefs and proceeded to win Super Bowl 58, he decided to take some shots at the Jets. Unsurprisingly, that hasn't made the team all that happy, and it has led to some beef with star cornerback Sauce Gardner along the way.

Gardner hasn't been thrilled with the negative reviews Hardman has left the Jets, and recent reports suggesting that Hardman was leaking New York's game plans to teams due to his frustration with his limited role certainly haven't helped paint him in a great light either. As those reports began to surface, Gardner went back and dug up an old tweet from Hardman that now relates to his game plan leak scandal.

It may be from over ten years ago, but this is a rather incriminating tweet from Hardman if he did end up leaking the Jets game plans. Things weren't working out for him in New York, so he turned on his team and began putting them at an even further disadvantage. It's quite a find from Gardner, and it surely will yield a response from Hardman.

Regardless of what happened, it doesn't look like Hardman will be returning to the Jets anytime soon, whether it be to his poor comments about the team, or his beef with Gardner. Chances are this won't be the last we hear about the situation, and it will be interesting to see if more details emerge on Hardman's alleged game plan leaking.