Mecole Hardman had quite a roller-coaster of a season in 2023. After a failed stint with the New York Jets, Hardman was traded back to his former team in the Kansas City Chiefs, where he ended up catching the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl 58. However, recent reports indicate that his time with the Jets may have been worse than initially expected.

Hardman wasn't happy with his lack of playing time in New York, especially as their offense struggled to consistently score points without Aaron Rodgers under center. That may have led him to leaking the team's game plans to their opponents, though, and some folks in the organization believe he did just that by giving the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs some bonus information on his team.

While there's no proof (yet) that Hardman has done this, it wouldn't be totally surprising given the war of words he's engaged in with the team since his departure. And ironically enough, one of the games that he's accused of having leaked their game plan for ended up being one of their best wins of the season when they upset the Eagles in Week 6.

Whether or not this actually happened remains to be seen, but chances are this isn't the last time we will hear about this, whether it be from the team, the fans, or Hardman himself. It's a shame that Hardman's stint with New York didn't work out, but given everything that ended up happening for him once he returned to Kansas City, chances are he isn't too upset about what happened.