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Sauce Gardner fully embraces nickname with massive diamond flex

Sauce Gardner, Jets

New York Jets rookie cornerback Sauce Gardner has no shortage of swagger and confidence heading into his first year in the NFL. He’ll have even more after his latest purchase.

Gardner is fully embracing his nickname as he got a diamond-covered hot sauce bottle made by a custom jeweler in Totota, New Jersey. Take a look, via TMZ Sports:

Talk about icy. Sauce Gardner’s piece has 20 VS diamonds on it. He wore a similar pendant at the 2022 NFL Draft, where the former Cincinnati Bearcats standout was taken fourth overall by the Jets.

Despite the nickname though, his teammates are still calling him Ahmad, or AG. Veteran linebacker C.J. Mosley explained what Gardner needs to do before being referred to as Sauce:

“We told him if he gets two pick-sixes in the preseason, then we might give him Sauce,” Mosley said, via NFL.com. “And it’s got to be against the 1s, too, so no 2s, 3s, backups, all that. More than likely, we’ll start calling him Sauce when he makes a big play in the regular season.”

There’s no doubt Sauce Gardner will make a big play sooner rather than later. He is a special talent and is expected to be one of the best first-year players in the league. Aside from the new custom piece of ice, he’s also been rocking diamond grills at training camp. Gardner is clearly putting that signing bonus to good use. Oh, and he also bought his mother a brand new car after securing the bag. You gotta love that.