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The reason Zach Wilson, Jets can’t agree on contract

Zach Wilson, Jets

It’s always about the money, right? But hard to blame Zach Wilson for this one.

New York Jets fans are eager to watch Wilson in action this season. But that is if the second overall pick of this year’s NFL Draft can even suit up for the Jets. Apparently, the 21-year-old star quarterback and team officials are still in a logjam when it comes to finding the right contract.

Wilson, of course, wants his due as the no. 2 selection, but the Jets are trying to wiggle out of giving a lucrative deal because of cash flow issues, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

As to cash flow, the Jets want to defer millions in signing bonus money earned by Wilson when he executes the contract to 2022. The recent precedent for players taken in the top two include all signing bonus money paid promptly.

That doesn’t sound too good for Wilson at all.

While the Jets paid former QB Sam Darnold’s signing bonus as the third overall pick in 2018, the squad wants to do it differently with Wilson, who starred for Brigham Young University.

The Jets hope to break from precedent and push money into 2022 based on the “new boss” argument, pointing to the change in general manager from Mike Maccagnan to Joe Douglas. That hasn’t gotten Wilson to blink, and there’s no reason to think it will.

Zach Wilson is being touted as the Jets’ savior, but if he can’t strike a deal with his new team, he might need some saving from his lawyers.