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The Jets ripped off the Seahawks in the Jamal Adams trade

Jamal Adams, Seahawks, Jets

The New York Jets are in a prime spot to get better under the leadership of general manager Joe Douglas. You can point to the Jamal Adams trade with the Seattle Seahawks as proof.

Trevor Sikkema and Ben Solak, hosts of the daily Locked On NFL Draft podcast, talked about a killer move that Douglas made this season that could help set them up for the future. Douglas was able to get quarterback value for Jamal Adams, who did not want to be with the Jets.

Sikkema: I wanted to mention the Jamal Adams trade because over the years they have moved on from some of their better players. Le’Veon Bell, I thought that signing was kind of a disaster but that was not his signing. Bell is no longer there. They did not retain Robby Anderson and he played really well for Carolina; meanwhile, the Jets do not really have anyone on offense, so that is a weird look.

But the Jamal Adams thing is a big one. You are going to have hits and misses early on as a general manager but for him, with the Jamal Adams trade with two first-round picks, that was really good to me. He got a quarterback price for a safety that did not want to be there. Jamal Adams was, as Jamal Adams does, wearing his heart on his Twitter account. He is always saying what he feels and was making it more and more difficult for the Jets to get something good in return there with it being clear how miserable he was with the Jets. It was impressive how Douglas was able to get two first-round picks out of it.