Coach Jim Harbaugh has been on damage control since Glenn Schembechler stepped down from his coaching team. The Michigan football coach was quick to hop on statements regarding the hiring of Bo Schembechler's son. Harbaugh came to the media to clear up the Wolverines' organizational mistakes.

Michigan football hired Schembechler as an assistant director of recruiting. Michigan faithful were fast in uncovering his social media footprint. The public later found out about multiple posts framing Jim Crow and slavery as a positive factor in the strength of individuals of African-American descent. Glenn Schembechler conceded that he did make tweets and resigned from his position three days after hiring.

Harbaugh made sure to carry out efforts to remove him from the Michigan football organization. He outlined his actions in a statement with Aaron McMann Dinich of MLive.

“Once I became aware of things that were offensive — offensive to me, offensive to other members of our team — [we acted], We didn't want that mindset around,” he said in response to the recent incident.

The Michigan football coach then accepted the blame for their shortcomings. Harbaugh also detailed how they responded as an organization.

“We have a company that vets that — social media — and they came back and [cleared him]. We've got a new company doing that [now], but they've got to be better. I'll take responsibility for that. If somebody can find that in a day, then we have to be better ourselves,” said Jim Harbaugh taking full accountability with a promise to better moving forward.

Everything has cleared up for Michigan football as they move forward with lessons learned from this experience.