BIG3 news: Joe Johnson says he didn't join league to get back to NBA
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Joe Johnson says he didn’t join BIG3 to get back to NBA

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Several teams around the NBA have been taking a closer look at Joe Johnson, who recently won the BIG3 League’s MVP Award.

Some veteran players view the BIG3 League as a potential stepping stone back to an NBA deal. This wasn’t the case for Johnson, though. “Iso Joe,” as he’s come to be known, says he is hoping to get back into the NBA, but he wasn’t using the BIG3 to pursue that goal:

Via Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated:

“I am hopeful to get back, but I did not get in the BIG3 to get back to the ‘league,’ ” said Johnson, who is uncertain about playing in the BIG3 next season. “I had a great career. I enjoyed the process. The only thing that keeps the NBA fire in the belly is how it ended in Houston. That just does not sit well with me. So if an opportunity comes along and I feel that it is worth it, yeah, I take that chance.”

Johnson, now 38 years of age, did have a great career in the NBA, as he noted. In fact, the former 10th overall pick out of Arkansas (2001) went on to earn seven All-Star nods.

Johnson and the Triplets are set to face the Killer 3s for the BIG3 championship next weekend in Los Angeles. Both teams will be making their first appearance on the league’s biggest stage.