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Joel Embiid recommends ‘mockumentary’ to his former GM Sam Hinkie

Joel Embiid, Sam Hinkie
Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, a satirical mockumentary was uploaded by Bill Simmons’ website The Ringer that features staff members describing pre-season footage of the Philadelphia 76ers’ 2014 lottery pick Joel Embiid with faux enthusiasm and awe. It seems that Embiid got the joke.

Since being drafted, the Cameroonian big man has struggled with injuries that have kept him off the court for his first two seasons. He is now two years into his NBA contract and has not yet played in an NBA game.

Whilst unable to compete, Embiid found a way to stay in the spotlight, due to a profusion of madcap social media posts and public appearances.

Over the summer, Sixers fans have been teased by footage of the former Kansas standout working out in an almost empty gym; this signified for many the beginning of Embiid’s real NBA journey.


Although Philadelphia picked up the highly touted forward Ben Simmons in this year’s draft with the first pick, they will also be welcoming two other coveted rookies in Embiid and Croatian talent Dario Saric, two years after drafting them.

Those in the know will be aware of just how dangerous Embiid was at Kansas. His ability to protect the rim and pose a legitimate offensive threat in the low post makes him a great asset for the Sixers. The Ringer staff will also be aware of just how good Embiid could be in the league if he is able to stay healthy, but the video is unequivocally hilarious.

On Wednesday, Sam Hinkie, the former Sixers General Manager updated his followers on what he has been up to since resigning from the position in April via Twitter. The peroration of Hinkie’s update involved a request for anything interesting to read.

Showing that he clearly took The Ringer’s video in good spirits, Embiid was happy to help Hinkie out with a recommendation and sent his former boss a link to the accompanying article in response.

Embiid may not have played a minute of NBA basketball but he has already made a huge impact on the lives of many.

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