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Video: Joel Embiid does the TZ Anthem challenge during pregame

Philadelphia 76ers‘ center Joel Embiid is one of the most anticipated players to make their NBA debut this season.

After missing the past two years due to a pair of foot injuries, he has been impressive so far in the team’s preseason games. He has shown glimpses of what he can do on the court with an array of shots from jumpers to post moves.

During the Sixers’ open practice on Wednesday night, the 7-foot big man showcased another talent of his. While on his warm-up routine, he performed the AZ Anthem challenge and proved to everyone that he can dance as good as he plays basketball.

His playful character has already made him a popular personality on social media, but after seeing him dance like this, his popularity will grow even more. Furthermore, if he can continue to play at this level and enjoy himself at the same time, the 76ers will definitely be one of the most fun teams to watch this year.

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