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Kendrick Perkins and Quavo go at each other’s necks on First Take

Kendrick Perkins, Quavo

Kendrick Perkins is used to having back-and-forth discussions with any number of athletes and fellow media members. Now, he’s beefing with Quavo.

The ESPN personality and Migos rapper had some Twitter fingers earlier in the week, with Kendrick Perkins routinely going after Quavo over a bar he wrote about “Big Perk” all the way back in 2018.

Well, it seems as though Quavo wanted to talk to Perkins himself. Alas, the two faced off on Thursday’s edition of First Take.

The former NBA center seemed to have a fairly simple message: don’t forget who Kendrick Perkins was in his prime. Perkins pointed out some of the playoff games he came up big for the Boston Celticsin the late-2000s and into the 2010s.

Quavo didn’t seem too swayed by Perk’s arguments, and seemed to question his right to rip on superstars the way he has since becoming an analyst.

Quavo also pointed out Kendrick Perkins missed one of the biggest games in franchise history when he was ruled out for Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Of course, as Perk noted, the former Celtics center had a torn ACL.

Pretty hilarious all the way around. Doesn’t First Take have other things to discuss?

There’s a pretty humorous element to this. Quavo is right in that Perkins has never been afraid to give his unabashed opinion or criticize players for any number of reasons. Yet, he continues to go after the Migos rapper for a line from a song released three years ago. Well, even Kendrick Perkins gets pressed, it seems.