Sad news: Kenneth Mitchell, Star Trek: Discovery star, passed away at 49.

He was diagnosed with ALS in 2018 and died in Los Angeles Saturday from complications due to the disease, THR reports.

Kenneth Mitchell's role in Star Trek: Discovery

In Star Trek, he was cast as four characters on the Paramount+ series. He was Ko, Kol-Sha, Tenavik, and Aurellio. Beyond that, he was part of the MCU as Captain Marvel's father during a flashback in Captain Marvel.

The actor got his start on Disney's Miracle, playing Ralph Cox, a professional ice hockey player. Later, he starred in Jericho as Eric Green. One of his recent roles was on The Old Man, playing Joe.

When it came to his ALS, he noticed twitching and more before being diagnosed. In 2020, he told PEOPLE, “The moment that they told us it was [ALS], it was like I was in my own movie. That's what it felt like, like I was watching that scene where someone is being told that they have a terminal illness. It was just a complete disbelief, a shock.”

His family said of the actor, “Kenneth was a giver, a listener, a sentimental and an excellent observer of his surroundings. One of his most endearing qualities as a friend is that Kenny loved to watch others shine. He was a conduct of connecting friends together and thoroughly enjoyed promoting a good story…and boy oh boy did he love to laugh. He absolutely loved to laugh.”

The family also said, “Kenny was the keeper of countless enduring friendships. Like a massive star exploding with kindness, pureness and particular brand of silly, you were pulled right into his orbit. Once captured, Kenny could bathe you in positively, compassion, thoughtfulness, and hilarity, and make you feel so loved.”

RIP Kenneth Mitchell.