Kenny Smith says Charles Barkley should apologize to Michael jordan
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Kenny Smith says Charles Barkley should apologize to Michael jordan

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan built a strong friendship when they teamed up for the Dream Team back in 1992.

Even if they were playing for different teams in the NBA, they kept in touch and maintained their connection with one another.

However, things turned south when Barkley criticized Jordan for running the Charlotte Bobcats back then as the franchise made questionable picks in the draft and failed to make the playoffs consistently. Barkley has placed the blame on His Airness for causing their friendship to turn sour as he took his comments personally, but stressed that it is only part of his job as a basketball analyst.

Barkley’s co-host from Inside the NBA, Kenny Smith, recently talked about their beef and gave his unsolicited advice, saying that Barkley should apologize to Jordan as he believes he was the one at fault.

“All he has to do is make a phone call if he misses him. I think the one thing both Charles and Michael have is a lot of pride. Once the pride settles down … I do think Charles was wrong. Mike’s doing a great job. (Barkley) should apologize. (Jordan’s) doing a great job.”

It may have been a long time now since the two former MVP’s have spoken, but many still believe it’s not yet too late for them to reconcile.

Both legends of the league, it’s not surprising to see them have a lot of pride within, but if one of them makes the first move, it is not hard to imagine them being friends again as they had a lot of memories shared together in the past.

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