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Video: Kevin Durant mimics LaVar Ball’s ‘stay in your lane’ line

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They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and LaVar Ball might be gushing right now after Kevin Durant’s recent interview.

The Big Baller Brand founder recently made news, like he always does, after his controversial exchange with FOX Sports reporter Kristine Leahy. In the said scene, LaVar Ball whipped out the now-infamous “Stay in your lane” response towards Leahy, something which the latter understandably took as disrespectful.

This time around, it’s Durant’s turn to channel the big baller in him as he jokingly said the same to Chris Haynes of ESPN.

Now it won’t be surprising if Kevin Durant tells LaMarcus Aldridge to stay in his lane when the Warriors visit the Spurs in Game 3 come Saturday.

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