It took a lot of players to step up in Mike Brown's system but the Sacramento Kings have done it. They are set to move on in the NBA In-Season Tournament quarterfinals. De'Aaron Fox may have led the way to torch the Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry at the helm. But, it was the heroics of Malik Monk that got them there.

This now cements the quarterfinals matchups for the NBA In-Season Tournament. The Phoenix Suns will head out to face the Los Angeles Lakers in what could be a preview of a probable postseason matchup. Out in the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics are going to face an insanely talented squad on offense in the Indiana Pacers. The New York Knicks are also getting a shot to behead the deer when they go up against the Milwaukee Bucks, per Shams Charania of The Athletic.

De'Aaron Fox's 29 points along with Malik Monk's game-winner will make the Kings square off against the New Orleans Pelicans. Not only do they have all the momentum but a lot of their players seem ready to win it all. Mike Brown saw Sasha Vezenkov light it up in the clutch with a total of eight points in just 15 minutes. Domantas Sabonis put up an all-around performance as well with nine points, 10 dimes, and eight rebounds. Trey Lyles also came into form with 11 points of his own.

Zion Williamson and his squad should be scared. They just lit up the beam against a potent Warriors team with Stephen Curry at the helm. Who's to say that the Kings won't do the same to them?