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Kings forward Zach Randolph a huge proponent for female head coach

Zach Randolph

For a few years now, there has been an outpouring of support for the idea of a female to become a head coach in the NBA. It started when Becky Hammon, a former WNBA player, was hired by the San Antonio Spurs as an assistant some time ago.

Since then, several women have been given positions on coaching staffs either with player development and other aspects of coaching. Recently, Hammon was named as someone who would be interviewing for one of the open head coaching jobs this summer, much to the excitement of several people around the NBA.

The only criticism has arrived with the narrative that some players may not be as accepting of a female head coach. Zach Randolph of the Sacramento Kings has dispelled that notion, per TMZ Sports. He actually has prior experience with a female coach as Jenny Boucek was an assistant player development coach with the Kings.

Randolph had nothing but good things to say about Boucek.

“This was the first year we had a [female assistant coach]. This was my first year ever experiencing that and it was a great experience … probably one of the best experiences.”

Right after that, he followed that with an endorsement of Hammon. He believes she has the talent necessary to succeed as an NBA head coach.

“If she knows basketball — and she knows basketball — I think she’ll be fine.”

The time has come for a female to be given a head coaching job in the NBA. Women who have played high-level basketball possess just as much talent and knowledge as men, and it’s been known that players respect coaches who have the knowledge and can showcase excellent work ethic through preparation.

There’s no reason to suspect Becky Hammon would anything to a lesser extent than a man would.