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Kings news: Sacramento wins two awards for impact of Golden 1 Center

Golden 1 Center, kings

The Sacramento Kings have been the among the biggest losers in the NBA over the past several years. Let alone finishing .500 in a season, the Kings haven’t had a record better than .400 in two of the past 11 campaigns.

The organization is generally viewed as one that’s run by a front office that doesn’t look like it knows what it’s doing and an owner who thinks cherry-picking has a place in the NBA.

But even the sorriest of professional sports franchises such as Sacramento is still capable of bringing home the bacon. In a rare show of achieving anything, the Kings were given a couple of awards, though both have really nothing to do with basketball.

Per the official website of Golden 1 Center:

The Sacramento Kings have been regarded as one of the most forward-thinking organizations and venues in the world, winning the Sacramento Business Environmental Resource Center 2017 Sustainable Business Award for Energy Conservation, and selected as one of the region’s Best Real Estate Projects by the Sacramento Business Journal. Downtown’s transformation and evolution are connected to Golden 1 Center, raising the city’s profile with innovative and sustainable real estate developed in a way to benefit the city, and changing the way developers think about facilitating and accelerating commercial and residential building.

That’s quite a lot to process. Readers might have to squint their eyes and read it all again, especially after seeing the phrase that says the Kings are “a forward-thinking organization”, but bear in mind that these awards don’t speak of how basketball is handled and played by the team that rents Golden 1 Center.

Rather, this is more about the environmental impact and influence on society represented by the infrastructure which is being powered by 100 percent solar energy, and the Kings’ laudable decision to house their basketball team in it.