The New York Knicks may have fallen in the second round of the NBA Playoffs against eventual Eastern Conference champs, the Miami Heat, but there's no denying that Josh Hart came out of that series as a big winner. This is after his wife gave birth to twins right in the middle of the Heat series.

Now that the Knicks are on vacation, Hart is able to focus on his role as a new father. Having one kid is hard enough, but two is a real handful, to say the least. For his part, though, there's one particular aspect of parenthood that has piqued the Knicks stud's curiosity. Apparently, Hart wants to know if dads out there have had the chance to sample their partner's breastmilk:

“Have yall ever tasted yall significant others breast milk? Asking for a friend,” Hart wrote in his tweet.

To be fair, Hart did say that he was asking for a friend. However, we all know what it means whenever that caveat is used in a sentence.

The Knicks forward's curiosity/admission prompted more than a few reactions from the mean streets of Twitter. Even NBA stars De'Aaron Fox and CJ McCollum couldn't help but react as well:

The best reaction from the bunch, however, came from none other than Hart's own Knicks teammate, Jalen Brunson:

“Nah bro no BS delete my number,” Brunson responded.

Brunson seems to have been disgusted by Hart's question, which prompted some drastic action from the Knicks star. So much so, that Brunson even shared a screenshot video of himself unfollowing Hart on Twitter:

That's hilarious. Obviously, this was all done in good fun, and Brunson is going to be following Hart back soon — if he hasn't already. Right?