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Jeff Hornacek names only three Knicks who have winning mentality

The New York Knicks are having a terrible season and there are some whispers that head coach Jeff Hornacek might be on his way out. If that is the case he is taking some nice parting shots at some of his players.

Hornacek was asked about what players he thought had a winning mentality on his team, and he was only able to come up with three players.

That leaves a lot of solid NBA players on the roster that Jeff Hornacek doesn’t believe care about winning. It’s really not a surprise to see one of those players on the list, Enes Kanter.

It had been reported that the Knicks were tanking but Kanter told ESPN that he was having none of it.

“Let me tell you something: The Knicks are paying me money to win games, to go out there and compete and try to win every game. Knicks are not paying me to tank or anything,” Kanter said. “So my mindset is to go out there, it doesn’t matter if we play the worst team or the best team, I said it before: I didn’t get traded here to get a good draft pick. I came here to win games and make the playoffs. So I don’t care, we’re in whatever stretch we’re in right now, I’m just going to go out there and fight every possession.”

Kanter is a return and was used to winning when he was with the  Oklahoma City Thunder and it’s pretty clear that he is trying to teach the Knicks how to win.

It appears though that he isn’t having much success changing others mind because his head coach only sees three guys who actually care about winning.