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Knicks star Julius Randle getting fake choked had coach ready to throw hands

Julius Randle, Terrence Ross, Knicks

Basketball is a fun game, and that’s true even at the highest levels of the sport. We see it all the time in the NBA, where players from opposing teams jabbing and cracking jokes with each other. However, it seems like some people didn’t get the memo for this, like this New York Knicks assistant coach.

During the Knicks-Magic match, Julius Randle was heated after a hard foul by Wendell Carter Jr. As Randle was talking to Carter Jr, Magic guard Terrence Ross jokingly put Randle in a mock chokehold. The Knicks star clearly wasn’t bothered by it… but one assistant coach thought the situation was more dire and tried to break it up. (via Rob Perez)

Props to that coach for having the guts to break up a fight between two freak athletes, but man did he miss the mark on this one. Ross clearly wasn’t trying to hurt Randle, since the Knicks forward wasn’t bothered by the grab at all. It was just some light-hearted fun in the middle of the game (a game where the Magic were down by more than 20, too).

The biggest takeaway from this interaction is that the Knicks can count on one of their coaches to step up in case of a fight. It doesn’t look like they’ll be getting into major fights anytime soon… and they shouldn’t be. The Knicks are looking to build off of a stunning season to finally break through. They’ve already gotten off the right foot, scoring a huge win over the Boston Celtics in their season opener.