Some NBA players will arrive at training over the next weeks in better shape than their teammates. Given the obvious intensity of Julius Randle's latest workout, it's safe to say he'll likely be among them—unless assistant coach Johnnie Bryant is pushing all of the New York Knicks to their physical limits in early preparation for 2023-24.

Randle took a video of himself following a training session with Bryant in New York City on Friday, barely catching his breath to playfully chastise Bryant while draped in sweat.

“What this man right here do to me is criminal. Criminal!” Randle said to a smiling Bryant. “They should put you in jail! They should put you in jail!”

Bryant's nonchalant response was even better.

“I didn't do anything. I didn't, man,” he said. “I missed you.”

Randle has become one of the strongest, most well-conditioned big men in the league over the past few years. His surprising rise to becoming a two-time All-Star with the Knicks wouldn't have happened if Randle didn't spend countless hours in the gym working on his jumper, turning a longstanding weakness of his game into a defining, if streaky, strength.

No one believes Julius Randle was dogging it over the offseason before meeting with Bryant, basically. Clearly, New York's associate head coach put his team's star power forward through the workout wringer. For the tough, physical and tireless Knicks' hopes of building on a second-round playoff appearance in 2022-23, let's hope Bryant's taking that same approach to pre-camp training with Randle's teammates—whether they're ready for it or not.