The New York Knicks have been without Julius Randle and OG Anunoby since January 27 due to injuries. Whereas Randle has been recovering from a dislocated right shoulder, Anunoby recently had surgery to address a loose body in his right elbow.

Initially, there was a lot of doubt surrounding when both forwards would be able to return to the court for the Knicks, that is, if they would even be able to return this season. Now, a clearer picture has been painted, giving Knicks fans a sense of optimism about when they could see Randle and Anunoby back on the court.

Julius Randle, OG Anunoby injury updates

New York Knicks forward Julius Randle behind OG Anunoby

Prior to the Knicks' game against the Boston Celtics on Saturday night, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski provided injury updates on both players, citing that the team is hopeful to have them back ahead of a postseason push.

“Know this with Julius Randle: Last season, when he had an ankle injury, there was a lot of suggestion to him from medical people that he may want to have that surgery, that he put off until the offseason, during the season. He didn't do it, played injured into the playoffs, then had the procedure in the offseason,” Wojnarowski stated. “You kind of start there with Julius Randle. His inclination is to play, and to even play hurt and in some discomfort. That's his goal right now — to try and get back and play and put anything off until the offseason, but that's still fluid.”

As for Anunoby and what type of timeframe the Knicks are looking at with the two-way wing, he appears to be right on schedule with what the team had hoped for.

“I'm told he is right on schedule, there have not been any setbacks, and they will re-evaluate him at the end of next week,” Wojnarowski continued. “And the hope is that he starts to get back on the court then.”

The one catch with Randle is that, unlike Anunoby, there is still no definitive timeframe for when he could possibly resume basketball activities. The Knicks continue to be concerned about how his shoulder will impact his play for the rest of the season.

Currently 34-23, the Knicks find themselves in a position to contend for one of the top spots in the Eastern Conference. All-Star guard Jalen Brunson has continued to find success despite the team's injuries, and the trade deadline additions of Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks are already making an impact. The bad news is that the Knicks have lost six of their last eight games dating back to before the All-Star break.

Brunson and the Knicks will be looking to get back on track without Randle and Anunoby on Monday night when the 8-48 Detroit Pistons visit Madison Square Garden.