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Luka Doncic joining Knicks just became more feasible, per ESPN analyst

Luka Doncic, Mavericks, Knicks, Jay Williams

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic recently hinted that he’s going to stay with the squad and sign a maximum extension.

Doncic leaving the Mavericks in the offseason sounds as outrageous as Dirk Nowitzki’s singing voice, but for ESPN analyst Jay Williams, it has become more probable. Williams on Thursday even upped the ante and said Doncic could join the New York Knicks.  (via New York Post).

“Earlier in the year, I said New York could be a potential opportunity (for Luka) and people killed me for it. It’s feasible.”

Hold on to your towel, Spike Lee.

Williams cited the recent exit of Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson as a possible factor in Doncic’s eventual decision to leave. After all, it was Nelson who first saw potential in the do-it-all guard from Slovenia.

“There are feasible scenarios, where you start looking at, where will Luka want to go and build if it doesn’t work out in Dallas. (But) New York isn’t the only option. But I will say there’s a lot of rumblings, and (Mavericks owner) Mark Cuban needs to put water on that fire.”

Then there’s also the resignation of Rick Carlisle as Mavericks coach. Could this sway Doncic even more to pack his bags?

Doncic’s ascent in the NBA isn’t slowing down anytime soon, he continues to be one of the most unique talents in the past few decades. His charisma and marketability would be perfect for a big team like the Knicks, who had a resurgence this season after years of absolute putridness.

But as for the possibility of it happening? Well, that’s an entirely different thing for Luka Doncic.