In their 119-104 victory against the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks received an impressive performance from their young 6-foot-5 point guard, Frank Ntilikina. He was so good that, according to Ian Begley of ESPN, teammate Michael Beasley had nothing but promising things to say about his Ntilikina and his ceiling.

“Frank’s an amazing player. He has to learn what pace he wants to go. But as soon as he figures it out, Frank will be an easy triple double guy. Easy triple double.”

Begley also noted that Ntilikina felt great about his performance, and that it wont be his last big outing for the Knicks.

“It’s time,” the rookie said. “I know it’s about time especially I have to go out there and be confident and be aggressive. I won’t relax now. I’m just motivated to do more in the future.”

Against the Nets, the French rookie had 10 points, seven rebounds, and 10 assists. The Knicks are currently 10th in the Eastern Conference with a 20-24 record. They are about four games back from the eighth seed and there is still time for the team to make a push for the postseason.

If what Ntilikina says is true, the Knicks should be in position to get back into the playoffs when the smoke clears. If they are going to do that, they need to start making their push now before the postseason competition gets even tougher.

The Knicks will play the Grizzlies on Wednesday, so Ntilikina’s chance to build off of his great performance will start then.