Knicks news: Mitchell Robinson surprises his mom with new car
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Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson surprises his mom with new car

Mitchell Robinson, Knicks

New York Knicks big man Mitchell Robinson is one of the fastest rising stars in the NBA right now. He had an impressive showing in his rookie year last season, and he looks to get even better. He’s currently with Team USA’s training camp roster, hoping to make it to the squad that will head to China for the FIBA World Cup.

There’s been a lot of great things going on in his career, but he hasn’t forgotten about his family, especially her mom, whom he recently surprised with a new car.

These kinds of stories are common for rookies who make it to the NBA. They usually give back to their families by giving them gifts like cars, houses, and everything that they can use for a long time.

Now, NBA rookies don’t make a lot of money during their first few years in the league, especially for a guy like Robinson, who was selected in the second round last year. He’s only guaranteed to make $5 million over the next three seasons (third is a team option), but endorsements and other stuff like his participation with Team USA is what makes things a little bit easier on the financial side.

If Robinson continues to improve over the next couple of years, he could become one of the best two-way bigs in the league, and if that happens, he’ll already be able to afford a lot of things that he can’t buy at this point.

So don’t be surprised if news comes out about him buying his mother a new house.

Good move, young fella!