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Knicks news: Scottie Pippen is a fan of Carmelo Anthony’s offseason alter ego ‘Hoodie Melo’

Most of the news that came out about Carmelo Anthony earlier in the offseason may have been about the potential trade between the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets centered around him. However, his alter ego, “Hoodie Melo,” also made a lot of headlines for how he has dominated pickup games.

Now, NBA legend and six-time champion, Scottie Pippen, took to his Twitter account recently to let everyone know that he believes in “Hoodie Melo” and that all the hype surrounding him is true.

Despite all the distractions and negative chatter the Knicks had last season, a lot of credit should still be given to the 10-time All-Star as he did not allow them to get the best of him. He remained professional about it, and just played his game. That is also the case this offseason, as there have been a number of videos that came out where he can be seen playing very well wearing a hoodie.

Even at 33 years old now, Anthony has shown that he is in very good shape and his conditioning looks great. His next team may still be anyone’s guess at this point, but whichever franchise he’ll play for, one thing certain is that they will have one of the best small forwards in the league today who’ll definitely be a difference maker for them.