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Kobe Bryant’s teeth analogy inspires Anthony Davis to be a better leader


Anthony Davis, a young but prominent contributor for the New Orleans Pelicans, recently spoke out on his growing development in the league.

He admits that he was more timid than many people would expect when he played back in high school and college.

“I was always a guy who was quiet on the basketball floor,” Davis says in an interview with Kevin Ding for Bleacher Report, noting how Kendrick Perkins and Quincy Pondexter were more equipped with experience to be the team’s leaders last season.

“Even in high school, at Kentucky, here, I was always a quiet guy. Outside the locker room, we can talk and kid all day. But I’ve always just been a guy who is real laid-back.”

If it were not for Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his tenacity, Davis may have never overcame this coy attitude.

“A guy has something in his teeth, and other guys just talk to him and let him be. They’re not going to tell him,” Bryant told Davis. “I’m going to be the guy to tell you you’ve got something between your teeth. Then it’s on you whether you want to walk around looking stupid. But I am going to tell you.”

Bryant essentially told Davis the value of being upfront. Hopefully this lesson will carry out in Davis’ career and leadership opportunities.

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