One of Kobe Bryant's daughters, Natalia, is facing a rather serious stalking problem right now. The 19-year old has filed a request for a temporary restraining order against her stalker, sources told TMZ Sports. The suspect, one Dwayne Kemp, reportedly tried to contact Natalia when she was 17 years old.

Since then, documents acquired by TMZ showed increasingly disturbing behavior from Kemp. The stalker has gone through great lengths to try and locate Natalia Bryant. This includes him showing up to her sorority house, and him walking around campus with flowers in hand. This has caused great fear for Bryant and her family. Kemp is reportedly convinced that he and Natalia are in a relationship.

What makes this situation dangerous for Natalia Bryant is the stalker's recent behavior. In the same TMZ report, it's revealed that the stalker has purchased several guns over the last few months. The man has also been arrested at least four times before, with one of those arrests involving firearms.

The Los Angeles Police Department is also seeking a similar TRO for Kemp, which would forbid him from going within 200 yards of Natalia Bryant and other places. The motion would have to be approved by a judge before the TRO is put in place. Considering the details of this case, it's hard to imagine that this request would be denied.

Natalia Bryant is the eldest daughter of Kobe Bryant, the deceased former NBA star. The elder Bryant lost his life in a tragic helicopter crash that took both him and Natalia's sister Gigi.