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Kyle Korver admits living stability for NBA players is less than ideal

kyle korver
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Having an NBA job is great. Only 400 players at a time get the opportunity to enjoy the opportunity.

In fact, for some, it’s a dream job to get paid millions of dollars to do what you love. It comes with plenty of perks and if you’re lucky you may even get some nice endorsements.

Newly acquired Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kyle Korver having planted enough years in the league says there is another side of it that makes it hard to settle down.

“The NBA is a great job. A GREAT job. I wouldn’t have any other job. But living stability is not one of the strengths of this job.”

Considering the trade rumors surrounding his former teammate Paul Millsap, anything can happen in the league.

There is also the time factor, where players are away from home quite a bit. 41 games in the season players are traveling days and weeks at a time. They likely spend the most time at home during the off-season, so you may find many of them living in cities they don’t play in.

When a team considers a player an asset, he will likely be traded which means his life is uprooted. If he has a family, he has to consider schools for his children and finding another home before settling in.

Today’s NBA climate can quickly change and a player can be moved like a chess piece faster than he can find out, no matter how well he is playing. Many players aren’t afforded to choose which destination they want to be.

Other players are silently traded for things such as cap space. The often changing business side of the NBA is the reason players can be unstable. Players can’t get too attached to one city, one team or one group of guys.

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