Kylian Mbappe, who is set to join Real Madrid, has been cautioned by Robert Lewandowski about the difficulties he will face wearing a custom mask to protect his broken nose, reported by GOAL. Lewandowski, who has personal experience with such masks, shared his insights on the challenges that Mbappe might encounter at Euro 2024.

Mbappe sustained a broken nose while playing for France in Euro 2024, putting him in a similar situation to Lewandowski back in 2015. While at Bayern Munich, the Polish striker had to wear a protective face covering due to jaw and nose fractures. Now, Mbappe finds himself needing the same type of protection.

Lewandowski's warning to Mbappe

Ahead of France’s match against Poland in Dortmund, Lewandowski was asked about the issues Mbappe will face. He didn't mince words about the discomfort and limitations of wearing a protective mask:

“When I had to wear a mask myself, it wasn't nice. It's quite annoying, especially in the penalty area. I had problems reacting because I couldn't see properly. My field of vision was hampered. It’s just a few milliseconds, but it can slow down a player. It's a challenge and not pleasant, but a player’s health is more important. In competitions, emotions run high, and everyone wants to play at all costs. I understand the difficulties he faces.”

Deschamps’ perspective

France’s coach Didier Deschamps also weighed in on the situation, acknowledging the difficulties that come with wearing a mask but emphasizing the necessity of it for Mbappe’s safety:

“Breathing isn't an issue, but vision is. The mask limits vision a little as it's designed to protect, so it narrows the field of view. The risk of playing in the middle isn’t higher because contacts happen everywhere in all duels. It depends on the position, and players need to get used to it. Wearing the mask is like having 3D glasses on. Each day it gets better. Mbappe participated in our training sessions, and his bruise has significantly reduced. He’s getting used to the mask and is eager to play. He wanted to play against the Netherlands and he wants to play against Poland.”

What’s next for Kylian Mbappe and France

Mbappe was left on the bench during France’s lackluster 0-0 draw with the Netherlands. This result left the 2018 World Cup champions sitting second in Group D. As they prepare to face Poland, securing another positive result is crucial to top the group and advance to the last 16.

Despite the challenges, Mbappe is determined to get back on the pitch and contribute to his team's success. His eagerness to play, even with the mask, shows his commitment to France's campaign in Euro 2024. This drive and determination could be vital for Les Bleus as they push for glory in the tournament.

While wearing the protective mask presents several hurdles, both Robert Lewandowski and Deschamps highlight the importance of player health. Mbappe’s willingness to adapt and his eagerness to play will be crucial as France navigates the challenges ahead. With determination and resilience, Mbappe and the French squad remain strong contenders for the Euro 2024 title.