Kyrie Irving has weighed in on the cyber drama between Miles Bridges and Austin Rivers, adding a little extra fuel to the already simmering fire.

Rivers kicked things off when speaking on The Ringer, suggesting the Hornets needed to surround LaMelo Ball with people who “can help him tap into his potential.” He then appeared to specifically reference Bridges, referring to “troubled youth.” Miles Bridges, of course, sat out all of last season after pleading guilty to the assault of his girlfriend.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bridges didn't take kindly to the comments. “Y'all hoopers get on these podcast and talk like y'all really like that,” he said. “Speaking on other teams like y'all know what's going on and most the people talking the most sh*t don't play at all. We gone see about all that this year on me.”

Irving, evidently, was watching all this unfold from afar. As we all know, he has certainly not been immune to drama during his time in the NBA, and according to his online post he wouldn't have been too upset about the Rivers-Bridges drama getting a little more heated.

“Gotta love peer to peer hoop drama,” he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “@ who you're talking about next time.”

Of course, while neither Rivers nor Bridges specifically referenced who they were talking about, you don't have to be a mind-reader to figure it out. But for Kyrie Irving, no stranger to confrontation, a little more direct conflict would make for better viewing. From a pure entertainment perspective, it's hard to disagree with that.