Sporting venues have completely evolved over the last 30 years, with luxury boxes staking their claim more and more. Few arenas still out there have that close-knit feel, where the energy of the crowd is felt in a way that more colossal buildings just can't replicate.

The Boston Garden, the Spectrum, the Forum; these iconic venues are woven into the heart of the NBA and sports history overall. While not nearly as spectacular, the Los Angeles Sports Arena had a similar appeal.

Home to the Lakers from 1960-67 and the Clippers from 1984-1999, the Sports Arena has housed UCLA and USC basketball, the Los Angeles Kings for their inaugural season, a pair of Final Fours, and boxing for the 1984 Olympic games.

Los Angeles Sports Arena
Los Angeles Times

It's also been the location for political conventions for the likes of John F. Kennedy and more recently Bernie Sanders, and it's rocked out with many musicians including Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, and Bruce Springsteen, who affectionately referred to it as the “the dump that jumps” and the “the joint that don't disappoint.”

It never had the same charm as the nearby Forum, but the LA Sports Arena remained as one of the last sporting venues still in business from a generation past.

After 57 years, the Sports Arena officially closed this week, and it will soon be torn down to make room for a stadium built for the new Major League Soccer franchise, the Los Angeles Football Club.

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