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Alex Caruso flattered to get All-Star fan votes, but glad voting came to an end


Los Angeles Lakers reserve guard Alex Caruso has been one of the most popular non-All-Stars to get voted in by the fans, as the fan-voting portion of the All-Star Game came to a close on Monday.

The third returns of the fan voting have Caruso ranking fourth among guards, trailing Damian Lillard by nearly 90,000 votes and ahead of other stars like Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, Devin Booker, and Donovan Mitchell.

Caruso is flattered by the attention and the support from his fans but is ready to return to the task at hand nonetheless.

“Obviously I enjoy it. I love fans, and the fact that I have fans is an amazing thing in general,” Caruso told Kyle Goon of The Orange County Register. “But yeah, kind of ready for it to move along, give the guys who deserve it their attention and getting back to regular games.”

The Lakers guard has become a cult icon, as fans celebrate every 3-point shot, floater, and the occasional show-stopping dunk. He’s become such a sensation that even the team’s star, LeBron James, has taken to calling him “GOAT” on a regular basis.

Yet one would think perennial All-Stars like Russell Westbrook or hopeful ones like Devin Booker would have something to say about the way the voting has gone, but it hasn’t even been an issue for the Lakers guard.

“Nobody on opposing teams has said anything about it – I think that just kind of goes to the way I carry myself,” said Caruso. “I don’t go around gloating like, ‘Yeah, I should be an All-Star.’ I’m a realist. I know my role and I know what I’m doing for the team. Obviously I’m not one of the best 30 players in the league.”

“There are people who are very deserving who have had great years. Fans do what fans do. Especially in the era of social media that we live in, once something catches fire, it just spreads. Like I said, I appreciate all the love. But the guys who deserve it, deserve it.”

Odds are Caruso will be left out of All-Star consideration once the vote of the players and the media press their respective weight, but even walking out of this with the title of people’s champ should mean enough for a young player carving his place in the league.