Lakers news: Anthony Davis admits he 'doesn't really like playing the 5'
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Lakers’ Anthony Davis admits he ‘doesn’t really like playing the 5’

Anthony Davis

LeBron James is best suited as a power forward in the modern NBA due to his defensive limitations. The same can certainly be said for Kyle Kuzma, perhaps to an even greater extent. DeMarcus Cousins is no longer entitled to major minutes, but certainly expects to play a significant role in 2019-20. JaVale McGee deserves burn, too.

The Los Angeles Lakers, needless to say, are absolutely loaded in the frontcourt. While most every team in the league is envious of his team’s combination of star power and depth up front, it could still be a headache for coach Frank Vogel during his first year on the Lakers’ sidelines. There are only so many available to dole out among two positions, after all, especially in a league that’s smaller and faster than ever.

One reason Vogel’s job will be a bit easier than anticipated? The fact that Anthony Davis admitted during his introductory press conference that he prefers to play power forward.

“I like playing the 4,” he said. “I’m not even gonna sugarcoat it – I like playing the 4. I don’t really like playing the 5.”

The Lakers, of course, have every reason to placate Davis before he’s a free agent next summer. All momentum suggests he will re-sign in Los Angeles, but there’s always a chance he could grow sour on the organization during his debut season.

Expect Davis to see a majority of his minutes at power forward in 2019-20 – at least during the regular season. But when it matters most, Anthony Davis and the Lakers will surely come to the realization he’s best suited at center.