Lakers news: Anthony Davis was unsure how to approach Kawhi Leonard during free agency
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Lakers’ Anthony Davis was unsure how to approach Kawhi Leonard during free agency

Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis was never quite sure how to approach the one player who could have completed a masterful trio with his new team — Kawhi Leonard.

The Finals MVP kept the remaining free agents on hold for nearly six days after free agency began, as the decision was revealed only hours before the moratorium period expired.

Davis, like many other stars, admitted he didn’t know exactly how to approach the quiet Leonard.

Per ESPN’s Rachel Nichols:

Nichols: You were trying to add yet another superstar also with Kawhi. How were you involved in recruiting Kawhi?

Davis: I mean, Kawhi’s not a big recruiter guy, that’s what I heard. So — I would send him texts every now and then, but then just be like, “Is this too much?”

Nichols: I love that you’re just like everyone else, like: “How do I talk to Kawhi? Is it too much? Am I texting too much?” It’s like going back to dating. Right?

Davis: Yeah, you really don’t know. Yeah [laughs].

The Lakers reportedly lobbied hard to get Leonard and were even granted the first meeting in free agency, giving them a chance to wow the small forward with a sales pitch coming from ownership and Magic Johnson (done separately).

Yet for all the fuss that surrounded the purple and gold, they came up empty, suddenly getting a backdoor wind of emptiness as Leonard chose to go across the hall to the LA Clippers, having Paul George join him in a trade soon after.

Davis, like many other stars, were not only stunned by the move, but left helpless trying to decipher his reasoning.