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VIDEO: Lakers’ Dennis Schroder was fuming after bewildering foul called on Stephen Curry lean-in

Dennis Schroder, Stephen Curry, Warriors, Lakers

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry tried to fish for a foul from Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroder—a move that the two-time MVP has done a million times from downtown. But on this particular occasion, Schroder let Curry know that he didn’t like such antics.

Schroder had every right to be upset. After all, he tried his best to avoid contact after the Curry fake. Steph made sure that he got that whistle from the referees, even if it meant letting the Lakers guard eat a sharp elbow.

Even the commentators commented that it was Curry who initiated contact with Schroder and should’ve been called for the offensive foul.

Below is a screencap of Stephen Curry’s massive elbow on Dennis Schroder’s face. Good thing that the Lakers’ feisty playmaker didn’t get his teeth knocked out.

In fact, Schroder got right back up and went at Curry’s face to let the Warriors guard know that those tricks are not welcomed.

Be as it may, the referees will need to review their calls on similar plays going forward. Plays like that have been used and abused by players like Curry, and while there are times when they call it against the offensive player, more often than not, it’s the defender who gets tagged with the foul–much like what happened to Schroder and the Lakers.