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Dwyane Wade on what it’s like watching LeBron James, who’s definitely not washed

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade was at Staples Center recently to watch his Heat take on LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. James and the Lakers defeated Miami, with LeBron putting up 25 points, four rebounds and six assists.

Wade recently laughed at the notion that LeBron is “washed” in a tweet last week:

It’s unclear where this narrative started from, but nevertheless, James has bought into it. Wade, who is now a fan just like us, further talked about what it’s like to watch LeBron play at such a high level despite being in Year 17 of his career:

“I think he’s proven in year 17 that he’s still one of the best basketball players on this planet,” Wade told Alex Wong of Complex. “There’s a lot of storylines out there about that guy and he’s bought into it. He hashtags #WashedKing. He plays into it [laughs]. But, man, we all know how great he is. I’m happy for him, man. He’s keeping the legacy of the 2003 Draft going.”

A lot of pundits slandered LeBron after he missed the playoffs last season. The Lakers star is clearly on a mission this season to prove to everyone that he is still the best player in the NBA.

With Anthony Davis by his side, James has a great chance of winning his fourth title, which would give him one more than Wade.