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Flea pleads for Lakers to get their act together


The Los Angeles Lakers’ woes have become so bad it may be starting a string of frustrated distress calls from its celebrity fans. It began with Snoop Dogg offering his Lakers box lounge for peanuts. Now, it’s Flea’s turn to send an S.O.S. message.

In a spirited message on Twitter, the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist let his heart out in expressing his dismay over the Lakers’ season.

 Dear [Lakers] why do you do this to me? Do you realize there are fans out here that really care? This is seven years of this shit. Are you just gonna get more one year contracts in pursuit of a Star? I don’t give a shit about a star, build a team that loves and plays together.

It’s hard to blame the guy. The Lakers began their 2018-19 campaign full of promise after getting LeBron James’ full commitment on a four-year deal. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been an ideal Californication for James.

They started out strong, grabbing the West’s fourth seed and clobbering the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day. But things started to go on a downward spiral when James injured his groin on the same game. The loss of their leader was compounded by injuries to Rajon Rondo and Lonzo Ball.

The trade deadline mess stemming from Anthony Davis’ trade request was rumored to have dinged the team’s chemistry. Although

The Lakers are a proud franchise and its fans are not used to an extended number of years toiling in obscurity. By the looks of it, an early vacation awaits Los Angeles. For their fans’ playoff hopes, it might better to give it away now and let it all float under the bridge.