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Lakers coach Frank Vogel gets cryptic on Anthony Davis starting at center

Anthony Davis Lakers Center

The Los Angeles Lakers are seen as one of this year’s title favorite. But to go from winless in the preseason to hoisting up the Larry O’Brien trophy during the final day of the season, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made.

One of the biggest ones would be how the Lakers will approach their center spot. There were a number of reports on Anthony Davis playing the 5, but whether or not he starts out there remains to be seen.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel is cognizant of that decision, but isn’t sweating it too much.

“Really not gonna impact much the blend that we want to play,” said Vogel on where the Lakers start Anthony Davis.

The Lakers do have two established centers on their roster in Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan. But just how effective either vet plays next season with expanded minutes is anybody’s guess.

With Russell Westbrook in the fold, having AD play the five and inserting another three-point threat would do wonders for the Lakers’ floor-spacing. Just how badly they have to lean on those lineups will depend on the early returns they have once the season starts.

Anthony Davis has famously been against being a full-time center. But with the commitment to winning that AD, Russ, and LeBron James made prior to the season, a lot of which hinged on individual sacrifices, the switch may come by force.