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Heat legend Dwyane Wade impressed that Lakers’ LeBron James is still going at ‘year 17’


Everyone knows that LeBron James is a once-in-a-lifetime basketball talent. He is still part of the reason why the Los Angeles Lakers are championship contenders. And he’s doing all of this in his seventeenth season in the NBA. His superb athleticism and basketball IQ make him one of the greatest players to ever set foot on the hardwood. And Dwyane Wade is still impressed by how his friend is performing at a high level.

He was at the NBA 2K20 Launch Party when he was interviewed by the media. They asked him a myriad of things, but the question that caught everyone’s attention was his opinion on the Lakers star forward still playing strong at 34.

The future Hall Of Famer didn’t hide his admiration for LeBron’s longevity and ability to influence games with his unique skillset.

“I think what we all love to see is a guy going into his 17th season still dominating the league the way he’s been dominating. It’s truly special, so keep watching,” Wade said.


It’s incredibly hard for fans to imagine, but LeBron was drafted in the 2003 Draft, and most of the players in that draft class have retired from the league. Carmelo Anthony and Kyle Korver are the only two standout players from the draft who are still trying to make noise in the league.

Moreover, the King has given us consistency. Barring his rookie numbers, he has never scored below 25 points a night. His rebounding and assist numbers are on the upward trend and will continue to baffle analysts and fans. And he has played the most minutes out of every NBA player in two of the last three seasons.

What everyone is witnessing is greatness. And everyone will surely miss LeBron once he hangs up his shoes.