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James Worthy blasts Lakers’ horrendous performance vs. Thunder as ‘worst loss I’ve ever seen’

James Worthy, Lakers, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis

The pitchforks have been brought out after the Los Angeles Lakers’ embarrassing defeat to the previously winless Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. Lakers legend James Worthy was one of the first to react to Wednesday’s 123-115 loss to OKC and he absolutely did not mince words.

Worthy had nothing nice to say about the Lakers following what was truly a disheartening loss against an underdog Thunder side:

“I’ve seen a lot of Lakers games, and I don’t know, this might be the worst loss I’ve seen,” Worthy said on Sportsnet Live (h/t Logan Newman of Thunder Wire).

At one point in the game, the Lakers were up by 26 points against a young and inexperienced OKC team. Somehow, the Thunder crawled their way back as they pulled off one of the biggest upsets early in the season.

James Worthy continued to blast the Lakers for their horrendous performance:

“You have to finish the job, regardless of who you’re playing,” Worthy said. “You cannot disrespect the worst team in the league. In fact, you make sure you put them away and let them know that they don’t have a chance.

“… I know it’s early in the season, but this wasn’t one of those games. They should have won the game, and the disrespect that they showed for Oklahoma by not being professional and finishing the job, it’s not Lakers style.”

Russell Westbrook, who himself made history with his 10-turnover quadruple-double on the evening, naturally emerged as the biggest scapegoat for the Lakers. To some extent, the criticism is warranted. However, this gutting defeat was an all-around effort from the entire team and it would be unfair to pin all the blame on Russ. This terrible loss is on the entire squad.