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Jason Kidd wants to share things with LeBron James which helped him ‘run the marathon’ at 35-years-old

LeBron James, Jason Kidd, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Jason Kidd wants to share things with superstar small forward LeBron James which helped him “run the marathon” at 35-years-old.

Kidd is referring to how he played in the NBA at 35-years-old and was able to play in 81 games during the 2008-09 season with the Dallas Mavericks.

James is obviously a more elite athlete at 35 than Kidd ever was during his career, but the Hall of Famer can still teach the Lakers star some tricks on how to stay fresh during the regular-season so LeBron is in prime form for the playoffs.

“It’s about running the marathon,” Kidd told ESPN. “You know at 35-years-old, I have some experience playing later in my career and being able to run that marathon. So hopefully being able to share with him some things that helped me be successful at running that marathon at 35-years-old.”

LeBron James played in 55 games in his first season with the Lakers. The four-time MVP missed 17 consecutive games after suffering a serious groin injury on Christmas against the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers went 6-11 without James and fell out of the playoff picture.

Jason Kidd and LeBron have a strong relationship. They were on the Olympic team back in the day and have mutual respect for each other.

The Lakers are looking forward to Kidd spreading his knowledge of the game toward James and the rest of the roster next season.