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Lakers icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reacts to LeBron James’ COVID-19 vaccine stance

LeBron James Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lakers COVID-19 vaccine

LeBron James is certainly aware that Los Angeles Lakers icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been one of the loudest voices advocating for the COVID-19 vaccine in NBA circles.

Abdul-Jabbar has unabashedly called out the few NBA stars who refuse to get the shot as headlines continue to circulate on the vaccine’s potential implications on the coming season. While the Lakers’ current star, LeBron James, has indeed been vaccinated, he hasn’t been as vocal in campaigning for it as the Hall-of-Fame center.

In an interview with Vincent Goodwill, Kareem was asked about LeBron James’ decision not to speak out publicly to advocate for the vaccine to his fellow players and the general public. The Lakers center responded in a roundabout way, saying that LeBron’s actions, which in this scenario means getting himself and his family vaccinated, speak volumes.

“He doesn’t speak as a spokesperson for getting vaccinated, but he is speaking as a parent and a father and someone who has to care for his family,” said the Lakers legend on LeBron. “In that context, he got vaccinated and got his family vaccinated. So there’s a lot of ways to skin this cat. But you have to get the message across.”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hover over the NBA. All we can hope for is that the on-court action doesn’t get affected too much by anything off it.