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Clippers stars Kawhi Leonard, Paul George slapped with harsh Anthony Davis reality

Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis has long been criticized for his health issues. Multiple injuries have held this man back, particularly over the past few years. At this point, it isn’t surprising that AD has been tagged with the “injury-prone” label.

ESPN’s NBA guru Ramona Shelburne has come to Davis’ defense, though. She acknowledged that Davis had indeed been plagued by injury over the past few seasons, but Shelburne was also quick to put it into perspective. As it turns out, Davis has been more available for the Lakers than Kawhi Leonard or Paul George has been for the Los Angeles Clippers (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

“I know Anthony Davis has this reputation for not being available,” Shelburne said. “Charles Barkley calls him street clothes. He’s played in more games since 2019 than either Kawhi Leonard or Paul George. AD played 138, Kawhi played 102, Paul George played 133.”

Clippers fans won’t want to hear this tidbit, especially those who have been quick to count AD out as nothing more than a washed, injury-prone star. This factoid is a clear slap to their collective face as they dawn on the fact that Kawhi and George are actually even worse than Anthony Davis in terms of their injury layoffs.

What might come as a surprise for some is how Leonard and George are now entering their fourth year together as teammates with the Clippers. The fact that they haven’t been playing much might lead one to think that they just recently joined forces in LA. This actually happened in 2019. Over that span, these two superstars have played a combined 235 games between them.