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Kobe Bryant’s death still hurts Derrick Rose to this day

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Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s death still hurts Detroit Pistons point guard Derrick Rose, who like many basketball players, was inspired by Bryant’s grind and love for the game.

In the newest edition of his autobiography called “I’ll Show You,” Rose talked about how Bryant no longer being with us is something he may never get over. The youngest MVP in NBA history, who has undergone four knee surgeries since 2012, has been using the Lakers icon as an example of how you can adapt your game as you get older and still be effective.

Via Fansided:

“You can’t know what it was like, going through everything I had to get through with my injuries, my game, my life. I won’t be the last Derrick Rose. But as long as I tell my story and I’m honest about it, I hope it’s going to touch a lot of people.

“That’s why I love Kobe so much. His death, man, that’s something that’s always going to hurt … It’s a weird feeling, ‘Oh s***, Kobe’s not here. Damn.’ I never tried to copy his moves, but just his grind and his evolution as a player. That’s what drove me.”

Kobe Bryant was this generation’s Michael Jordan. His tragic passing is something many players in the NBA may never come to grips with.

With Los Angeles, Bryant won five championships and two Finals MVPs. As his career went along and he no longer was the most athletic player in the league, Bryant’s game evolved and he still was able to dominate his opponents.

That’s something Rose really appreciated since he’s seen his athleticism decline following his injuries. The former Chicago Bulls superstar has changed his game as the Lakers great did and it’s helping him stay in the league and play at a high level.